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The key to effective functional fitness training is simulating the actual activity that you’re training to improve. There should be a focus on doing similar types of contraction (eccentric, concentric, or isometric), speed, range of motion, and level of coordination. The closer the exercise mimics the actual activity, the more effective the training.

At Gardena Physical Therapy we help create a Functional Training Program by the following:

  • Determine what your functional fitness goals may be, and tailor your functional training to what type of activities your body does each day.

  • Take your level of fitness and health into consideration.

  • The program should include a variety of exercises that train flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, power, and endurance.

  • The program should be designed with careful progression and monitoring.

  • The exercises should include movements on multiple planes.

  • Include concentric, eccentric, and isometric muscle contractions.

  • Use your body weight and equipment, such as free weights and resistance bands, instead of machines.

  • The best functional exercise is doing the activity, but exercises that simulate the movement can significantly improve your performance through frequent training bouts.

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